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Hiring Recent College Graduates For your engineering teams? Then, you must read this...

Lakshmipriya Radhakrishnan June 16, 2017

Why you should hire recent engineering graduates and what you can do to help them succeed. Read More

What PLM means to Engineering Collaboration is what Jarvis means to Tony Stark (Iron man)

Pratistha Suhasini May 4, 2017

PLM is the cornerstone for building a robust framework to facilitate business process optimization and answer your global engineering collaboration needs. Read More

Case Highlight: Design anywhere manufacture anywhere through engineering collaboration

Pratistha Suhasini April 24, 2017

Engineering collaboration enables today's global manufacturers to design anywhere manufacture anywhere. Read More

Engineering collaboration: Which obstacles do you need to overcome?

Pratistha Suhasini April 12, 2017

Understand what factors can cause setbacks in engineering collaboration initiatives Read More

Five reasons why manufacturers need collaborative engineering

Pratistha Suhasini March 9, 2017

How collaborative engineering helps manufacturers overcome the drawbacks of globalization and enable design anywhere manufacture anywhere supply anywhere. Read More

New Year, New You, New Business Process?

Pam Washbon February 1, 2017

The new year is a great time to get a Business Process Assessment. B-WI offers Business Process, Technology, IT and Maturity Assessments. Read More

[Infographic] Which value engineering (VAVE) approaches can drive product cost optimization for manufacturers?

Pratistha Suhasini January 24, 2017

Value engineering is the product cost optimization approach to reduce costs and maximize value of a product with standard quality. Read More

Unlock opportunity in your Windchill 11 upgrade

Matt Tognarelli January 20, 2017

The latest release of PTC’s flagship PLM Solution, Windchill 11 offers many new features and capabilities. Read More

Five Ways To Drive 'LEAN' Inspired Product Cost Optimization For Manufacturers [Infographic]

Pratistha Suhasini December 20, 2016

Read about Five Ways To Drive 'LEAN' Inspired Product Cost Optimization For Manufacturers Read More

Five key measures of success for a product cost optimization initiative [Infographic]

Pratistha Suhasini December 8, 2016

Read this infographic about five key measures of success for a product cost optimization initiative. Manufacturers can measure and evaluate their product cost optimization efforts against these metrics for justifying ROI. Read More