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Quantifying the Impact of Collaborative Engineering

Murugan Krishnaswamy May 11, 2015

How do you know if engineering collaboration frameworks even work? Learn how collaborative initiatives can be supported with hard data. Read More

What Globalization Can Mean for Your Business

Murugan Krishnaswamy March 6, 2015

Learn how globalization can help your company simplify development across multiple sites, and hasten time-to-market with high RoI. Read More

[Case Study] Structured Approach to Product Cost Optimization

Murugan Krishnaswamy February 19, 2015

Get a glimpse of how B-WI was able to help a rotary equipment manufacturer reverse poor sales with targeted product cost initiatives. Read More

Using Process Standardization to Achieve Engineering Collaboration

Murugan Krishnaswamy December 23, 2014

Many the best practices for product cost optimization are linked. Learn how standardization can help your company see huge gains later in development. Read More

What Part Numbering System is Right for Me?

Murugan Krishnaswamy December 5, 2014

The success your company finds through part standardization will largely come down to what systems you choose to implement and how well they work. Read More