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Solving Price Sensitivity With Value Engineering and Lean Development

Muthukumaran Kanniappan November 6, 2015

Learn how you can overcome price sensitivity with value engineering and other PCO practices today. Read More

Case Study Highlights: Engineering Collaboration and Globalization

Muthukumaran Kanniappan March 16, 2015

Get the real-world data engineering collaboration and globalization practices. Your company may be missing out on millions in savings every year. Read More

Case Study Highlights: Standardization

Muthukumaran Kanniappan March 10, 2015

See how part standardization has helped engineers and major manufacturers in multiple industries improve their profitability. Read More

4 Ways Lean Product Development Can Optimize Design

Muthukumaran Kanniappan February 12, 2015

Learn 4 ways companies are using lean product development to cut back on time-to-market and increase the profitability of new product lines. Read More

The Important Components of Lean Product Development

Muthukumaran Kanniappan December 18, 2014

Lean product development is a valuable design solution for PCO. Learn what makes lean practices work in companies around the globe. Read More

How Does Value Engineering Help Reduce Material Cost?

Muthukumaran Kanniappan December 3, 2014

Learn how your company can use value engineering to significantly reduce product costs and gain lucrative marketplace advantages. Read More