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Smart Factory of the Future

Pat McGrath June 17, 2015

Smart Factories will leverage new interconnected manufacturing systems, sensor technologies and extend the use of data from more sources. Read More

5 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade

Pat McGrath June 16, 2015

Review top considerations when is the right time to upgrade your current ERP Systems. Maximize your annual software maintenance fees for ROI. Read More

Transformation Leadership

Pat McGrath May 20, 2015

Business Transformation; Smart Factory Read More

7 Benefits of ERP for Your Manufacturing Business

Pat McGrath April 14, 2015

Manufacturers receive many benefits by implementing ERP Systems including increased efficiency, productivity and visibility throughout the entire supply chain. Read More

Process-Centric Enterprise Consulting

Pat McGrath March 17, 2015

process-centric, enterprise consulting, business process, lean Read More

ERP Cloud Deployment - Is your head in the Clouds?

Pat McGrath February 17, 2015

Considerations and benefits when evaluating when and if you should deploy your ERP system into the cloud or to keep it on premises. Is the cloud right for you? Read More

10 Tips to Ensure a Smooth ERP Implementation

Pat McGrath December 2, 2014

These 10 Steps to a Smooth ERP Implementation should help you get on your way. If you would like further help or directions, please reach out to me or our team of consultants here at Barry-Wehmiller International. Read More

Is Supply Chain Sustainability Less Important?

Pat McGrath December 1, 2014

Find out the top SCM issues that have emerged as even more pressing than sustainability. For more information please contact Read More