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The Hard Data on Manufacturing Globalization

Vivek Maladkar June 10, 2015

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A Real Look at Connected Manufacturing Through IIoT

Vivek Maladkar May 20, 2015

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How the “Industrial Internet of Things” Affects Aftermarket Revenues

Vivek Maladkar March 18, 2015

Just what is the “Internet of Things,” and how does this affect aftermarket growth? The answers to these questions might surprise you. Read More

Driving Aftermarket Revenues and Profitability Through Engineering

Vivek Maladkar March 12, 2015

Learn how various engineering solutions can help your company increase aftermarket profitability early on in the product lifecycle. Read More

5 Ways to Constantly Improve Your Productivity

Vivek Maladkar February 24, 2015

Learn how various practices, like standardization or lean product development, can help you sustain productivity for long-term growth. Read More

The Influence of Value Engineering on Product Lifecycle (Part 2)

Vivek Maladkar January 29, 2015

Learn how the implementation of value engineering can help you see great cost reductions in the later stages of the product lifecycle. Read More

The Influence of Value Engineering on Product Lifecycle (Part 1)

Vivek Maladkar January 28, 2015

Value engineering has positive cost effects at every stage of the product lifecycle. Learn how implementation can help your company cut costs today. Read More