Gaining a Competitive Edge with Connected Manufacturing

Beth Kessler September 8, 2014

What are manufacturers facing today? With the third industrial revolution upon us, globalization, consolidation, and continuous innovation are bringing manufacturers more opportunities and complexities alike. To gain competitive advantage in the marketplace, manufacturers need the right tools to connect their manufacturing process across the enterprise. Here are three main points manufacturers need to consider to gain a competitive edge:

• The future of competitive advantage is in strategy and planning activities
• Reliance on operational improvement alone will lead to product commoditization
• Gaining competitive advantage requires a strong connection between operations and strategy


Connected manufacturing helps the enterprise capitalize on more opportunities and reduce overall risk and issues from disjointed processes. PTC solutions give manufacturers the right tools and power to optimize their product development and product lifecycle management - the result is a leaner and more connected manufacturing process. As a PTC ServiceAdvantage Partner for PLM and Platinum ChannelAdvantage Partner, Barry-Wehmiller International has a a global team of CAD, CAE, and PLM experts, helping engineers, product development, and enterprises as a whole gain a competitive advantage with connected manufacturing.

Learn more about how PTC solutions is the best suite for connecting your organization across product development, supply chain, marketing, sales, and services. Watch the video below as Jim Webb, Vice President and Senior Partner of BWIR speaks at PTC Live about how PTC solutions helps reach lean manufacturing goals and build a strong connection between operations and strategy.

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