How eLearning Programs Can Benefit Your Global Work Force

Pam Washbon March 30, 2016

elearning.jpgWith rapidly changing technology and an expanding global workforce, the need for companies to educate their employees on the latest tools and best practices is also growing. For success, it is critical for companies to train new hires and existing employees on equipment, processes and programs. With this need for perpetual training, eLearning offers many benefits for companies with global teams.


The benefits of eLearning can be felt across every department of an organization. Human Resources is able to utilize eLearning for new hire training, and individual departments profit from having well informed, trained, and educated team members. The value of eLearning is indispensable for international corporations.  Companies across the globe are seeing positive results from eLearning programs.

Savings in Training Costs.
Online training reduces a lot of costs that are normally associated with ongoing education. Without a need for travel expenses, printed materials, venue costs, or catering, organizations are saving money, and valuable employee time.


Convenience and Flexibility.  Training courses can be taken anywhere, at any time. Online courses offer employees the ability and freedom to take their classes anywhere with an internet connection. There is no longer a need to coordinate dates and training locations. eLearning allows both management and employees the benefit of freedom. Training modules can also be accessed at any time to refresh training.


Tracking Compliance and Progress. Along with the ease of accessibility, eLearning programs also track progress and compliance, keeping a historical record of completed courses for each participant. Not only does this enable the participant and the managers to keep track of progress, but it also allows for personalized learning.


Improved Communications. International companies face many challenges with cultural barriers. Utilizing eLearning programs can help to bridge the gaps between learning and training across different sites within a company. The programs can easily be delivered in different languages, allowing for standardization of training and processes.


Well Trained Employees. One of the most significant benefits is with having highly qualified, well-trained employees who can then utilize their training and education on the job. A company with competent employees will see a large ROI. Companies that invest in their employee’s well-being, including providing training and education will see improvements in their business. Better trained employees will help produce higher quality products, and be able to perform their duties more proficiently which can save more time and money. After all, great employees help to make a company great.


The benefits of online learning are plentiful; eLearning is fast, efficient, and can greatly reduce costs. But here’s where businesses may be the most interested: the bottom line. eLearning will help companies create a higher quality, more effective training experience for employees, all at a more affordable cost. When employees can be more excited about training, their engagement carries over into the rest of their work. A company’s ROI from an online training implementation can be felt strongly and immediately.



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