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What is the importance of metrics driven product cost optimization for manufacturers?

Pratistha Suhasini December 1, 2016

Metrics driven product cost optimization for manufacturers is crucial to measure the actual costs incurred for implementing the optimization strategy & outcomes and justify the ROI (Return on Investment). Read More

4 Engineering Practices That Might Be Undermining Your Time-to-Market

Raghuraman Ramamurthy November 14, 2016

Read about the 4 most common practices many companies don’t realize are hurting their time-to-market, and in turn, their profitability. Read More

[Case Study] Reverse Engineering to Cut Cycle Time and Cost

Raghuraman Ramamurthy November 10, 2016

Learn how B-WI was able to help an Australian manufacturer using reverse engineering for existing machines and build new, more reliable systems. Read More

How to facilitate faster time to market and balance the triple constraints for ETO manufacturers?

Pratistha Suhasini November 7, 2016

Product configurator(CPQ) can facilitate faster time to market and strike an effective a balance between the triple constraints of time, cost and quality. Read More

Does an over-emphasis on faster time to market mean undermining cost and quality?

Pratistha Suhasini October 31, 2016

Striking a balance between triple constraint of time cost and quality is key to faster time to market, higher market share and better profit margins Read More

Is time to market killing your ability to serve your customers better?

Pratistha Suhasini October 25, 2016

Manufacturers cannot afford to compromise specific customer needs and customization in lieu of time to market. Read More

Are you customizing products at the cost of time to market?

Pratistha Suhasini October 18, 2016

The time to market crisis can no longer be sidelined at the cost of customization. Solving the time to market crisis is key to sustainable competitive advantage Read More

Solving the Value Engineering Dilemma

Raghuraman Ramamurthy September 29, 2016

Value Engineering, B-WI, Intrinsic Value, Machine Design,Manufacturing Challenges, Manufacturing Cost, Optimization Read More

Why Customers need to opt for Windchill SLA Services

Kishore Garakipati September 22, 2016

For a customer to gain maximum benefits and achieve tier process KPIs from Windchill PLM, it’s imperative to have a hassle-free experience with PLM & enhanced performance capability. Realistically speaking, there are fixed overheads that are common across the IT ecosystems that continuously challenge companies from reaching their goals. Read More

Who benefits from standardization & modularization, MTS or ETO ?

Pratistha Suhasini August 31, 2016

Standardization & modularization can benefit both ETO & MTS manufacturers in optimizing time to market, cost & quality, thus making products faster and cheaper. Read More