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Pat McGrath March 17, 2015

Enterprise Consulting, our focus, is all about serving the needs of your business. At Barry-Wehmiller International (B-WI), we work with you to apply a process-centric approach, establishing a plan based on realizing alignment – alignment of interrelated processes to increase value.

We do not believe in offering “cookie-cutter” solutions. We pride ourselves on knowing your company, culture, people, processes, language and what makes your company tick - before offering any major recommendations. We believe in understanding you, your processes, your constraints and opportunities, first. We learn to speak your language. We try, through our process, to become one of you.

Once we know you, we prioritize and sequence the changes required, focusing on establishing the most effective end-to-end process. At this point, we bring our product knowledge, industry best-practices, and any known constraints to investment, coupled with your skills, to define the recommended solution. 

BusProcessImproveCircleOur process-centric approach considers your ecosystem, your environment and we do not take or recommend a “big bang” approach. We provide recommendations in short executable projects that build upon one another. These projects build toward the defined “to-be” process and will progress based on our step-by-step recommendations. As you move forward, you will know what you are doing and what to expect. If you choose to delay our recommendations, you will know where and what opportunities remain.

B-WI Listens

We listen. As we listen we become the “voice of the people” ultimately advocating based on the conversations with individuals or groups. Our customers are delighted to have us listen. We are intently listening to their needs and to the concerns that they have and share with us. You will find us impartial, non-judgmental and compassionate.shutterstock_108943823

We question everything without being critical, we go as deep as needed without losing sight of the  purpose and your needs, including those needs that are defined; unrealized; unforeseen and/or yet to be defined.

Initially, the information collected is silo based. But, as we progress through the assessment and complete the information gathering, the pictures emerge from: Engineering to Finance. The processes: Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, GL to Reporting, become clear. The value chain becomes clear.

The understandings are cognitive at first. The consultants take the initial and iterative understandings to assemble the information, analyze the effectiveness of the process flow, break down silos, and, finally, simplify and strengthen the newly defined processes. Additionally, roles and responsibilities between various stakeholders may be redefined and aligned to the to-be process. 

Business Process Assessment (BPA)

B-WI’s BPA process (Figure 1) is designed to bring together the current business processes and systems to create a plan that satisfies your unmet needs. We build a “unique” plan to address issues impacting your business.  Our approach is a cost effective way to understand, document and decide on a plan of action to provide the greatest return in the shortest amount of time. This is our BPA.BPA

The next 3 sections provide an outline of the levels of assessment performed during a BPA, covering:

  • Level 1 – Business Assessment
  • Level 2 – Process Assessments
  • Level 3 – Technology Assessments

Business Level Assessment

The business level assessment takes into consideration the high-level areas that are impacting the current environment and are factors to drive change.

This assessment is focused and of short duration. Preliminary conversations define the problem and the assessment scope is defined based on: problem/issue review, elaboration and agreement of the assessment objectives.

The following are examples of input provided at the business assessment level:

  • Assessment Objectives set by Senior Management
    • Sponsor(s): IT Director/CFO/VP of Operations
    • Perspectives:
  • VP Operations
    • Problem: “scheduling and workflow management and assistance to improve shop floor scheduling”
  • Master Scheduler
    • Problem: “forecast process unable to meet demand”

The identified business needs drive the evaluation of the supporting business processes and technology.

Process Level Assessment

Taking the needs and objectives identified during the business assesment, we look at the department and/or functional levels ability to met those needs. This second level of assessments determines Functional Process contraints against business needs coupled with a Value Stream perspective and, finally, viewed using Lean principles. (Figure 2)BPAperspective

Process Level Assessments multiple perspectives, include:

  1. Business Processes Perspectives

1.1 Departmental/Functional

1.1.1.       Processes
1.1.2.       Dependencies
1.1.3.       Constraints
  1. Value Perspective
  2. Lean Perspective
3.1.   Clasifications Waterfall Job Steps
3.2.   Identification of Repetitive Work
3.3.   Elimination of Waste

Technology Assessment

This phase of the BPA looks at technology’s ability to enable the business functions and support the realization of the identified business objectives/needs.

The technology assessment considers the following:techsquare

  • Environments
  • Support
  • Locations
  • Languages
  • Customization
  • 3rd Party Applications
  • ERP considerations

As ERP offers many capabilities needed to automate, streamline and provide value, it is one of the key aspects of the technology assessment. The ERP systems functional processes and information flows are used to determine how identified needs can be met within the system’s capabilities. (Figure 3)

These then define the deployment recommendations to support the client specific requirements.


We pride ourselves on our low risk approach. Make a minimum investment, starting with our BPA engagement, and the return you will realize, includes: a view of your systems, your options and the approach that will give you the greatest return. This plan will be built and delivered by a team you will come to know and appreciate based on their individual and collective talent and expertise.

Our experienced team brings industry and business knowledge combined with technology expertise applied in your world to realize the results that you should expect.


If you’d like help performing a business process assessment, we can help.

Remember, now, more than ever, the key elements that contribute to any solution remain the same: people, process and technology. That is and always has been what we provide - the best solution to meet your goals.

If you would like to talk about your current business or technology initiatives, please reach out to me or one our consultants here at Barry-Wehmiller International. Contact me at . Wishing you success in all of your endeavors!


About B-WI: At Barry-Wehmiller International (B-WI) we are proud of our remarkable journey, a journey we began 20 years ago to become who we are today – a trusted, global, people-centric, ‘Total Solutions’ provider with a rich heritage in manufacturing. We take particular pride in our people-centric culture and values. 

We have built a strong foundation, we are here to lend a hand and be a guide to our customers with our specialized consulting, technology, engineering and manufacturing talent. We were there then, we are here now and we will be there with you into the future. Welcome to Barry-Wehmiller International.


About the Author: Patricia McGrath is pleased to represent Barry-Wehmiller International, as Director of Strategic Initiatives. B-WI provides consulting and services for manufacturing, engineering, ERP solutions, and specialized development and support services. Pat’s career includes positions with such prestigious companies as IBM and KPMG. While there she focused on strategy, ERP business partners and business consulting, plus having her own company working with others to develop both strategic initiatives and tactical plans.

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