Supply Chain Tops the List

Pam Washbon September 15, 2014

In a recent survey published by KPMG and the CPG Global Consumer Executive Top of the Mind Survey 2014, 42% of all respondents identified Supply Chain as the area most likely to have increased investments in this year.

Supply Chain Management is vital to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction and  with the expansion and complexity of global supply chains, the need will become greater for flexible, visible and expandable supply chains. It is not surprising that it was the number one area chosen by respondents to increase their investment in for the next year.

Additionally, Supply Chain was also identified by 38% of respondents as an area that would present one of the biggest challenges over the next 12 months, with retailers identifying it as their number one challenge.Supply chain as a top challenge

To read the entire article published by KPMG or to  download their Complete Operations Survey and Report, click here.

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