The Manufacturing Renaissance: 6 Tactics for Success

Pam Washbon October 15, 2014

Manufacturing is back. To harness the momentum created by the manufacturing renaissance, manufacturers need to transform today's challenges into opportunities, the analysts at IDC say in their newly published report. It won't be an easy task, and manufacturers will need to completely rethink their business model, organizational structure, and IT landscape, according to IDC. Learn more.

The Future Outlook for the IT Landscape

In addition to the new functionality that will be required of future ERP solutions, this IDC White Paper also discusses these critical IT capabilities that will be essential for successful, future manufacturers:

  • Collaborative organizations with self-forming teams
  • Attractive for best available skilled resources
  • Speed of business – the ability to be agile and responsive in decision make and process execution
  • “Globally Local” manufacturing
  • Greater customer experience
  • End-to-End supply chain visibility

If you download one report all year, this is the one. View the IDC White Paper now. 

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