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New Year, New You, New Business Process?

Pam Washbon February 1, 2017

The new year is a great time to get a Business Process Assessment. B-WI offers Business Process, Technology, IT and Maturity Assessments. Read More

Building and managing a global engineering organization

Pratistha Suhasini June 1, 2016

Concurrent engineering through GECs improves flexibility and scalability of the practice, while driving competitive advantage and optimizing costs Read More

How eLearning Programs Can Benefit Your Global Work Force

Pam Washbon March 30, 2016

eLearning offers many benefits for companies with global teams, including cost savings, highly trained employees and improved communications Read More

Solving Price Sensitivity With Value Engineering and Lean Development

Muthukumaran Kanniappan November 6, 2015

Learn how you can overcome price sensitivity with value engineering and other PCO practices today. Read More

Smart Factory of the Future

Pat McGrath June 17, 2015

Smart Factories will leverage new interconnected manufacturing systems, sensor technologies and extend the use of data from more sources. Read More

Role of Technology in Business Transformation

Ravi Sudalaimuthu June 9, 2015

Business Transformation and Technology Read More

Lean Transformation

Jerry Solomon May 26, 2015

Lean Manufacturing Cost Accolunting Read More

Price Competitiveness as an Engineering Strategy and Business Strategy

Raghuraman Ramamurthy March 25, 2015

In product manufacturing, engineering and business strategy are more linked than you might believe. Learn how in this price competitiveness article. Read More

Driving Aftermarket Revenues and Profitability Through Engineering

Vivek Maladkar March 12, 2015

Learn how various engineering solutions can help your company increase aftermarket profitability early on in the product lifecycle. Read More