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Case study Highlights: Track and trace solution for a furniture manufacturer

Ajita Sharma July 25, 2016

B-WI helped a leading furniture manufacturer to track & trace an important component in the finished good thereby meeting an industry regulatory compliance Read More

How to Minimize Product Recalls & Field Failures ?

Ted Felouzis April 19, 2016

Reducing product recall in case of field failure through track and trace solutions as well as optimizing inventory costs and reducing non-compliance Read More

How to Optimize Your Manufacturing Scheduling System

Kulasekar Sethupathy April 30, 2015

For the fastest time-to-market, manufacturers should consider updating their scheduling systems in addition to other lean initiatives. Read More

4 Ways a MES Can Benefit Your Business

Ted Felouzis April 15, 2015

Learn how MES solutions can help you reduce costs and production inefficiencies during floor level manufacturing processes. Read More

Leveraging Manufacturing Operations through Modularization & Automation

Kulasekar Sethupathy April 10, 2015

Learn how you can optimize your supply chain and use strategies such as modularization to expand your current operating capabilities. Read More

Job, Batch or Mass? What Production System Do You Qualify For?

Kulasekar Sethupathy April 9, 2015

Are your business and products better suited for job, batch or mass production? Learn what production system best fits your company in our article here. Read More

[Case Study] How Robotic Automation Works to Improve Productivity

Kulasekar Sethupathy April 2, 2015

Learn how robotic automation systems have been used to help manufacturing leaders in specialized industries see significant productivity gains. Read More

Case Study Highlights: Manufacturing Automation

Raghuraman Ramamurthy April 1, 2015

Learn how configuration and design automation systems have helped companies around the globe cut time-to-market and eliminate costly labor practices. Read More