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Lack of standardization : How it impacts the "triple constraints" in concurrent global product development?

Pratistha Suhasini March 22, 2016

Impact of standardization on the triple constraints of time, cost and quality in global concurrent product development. Read More

Critical Steps for a Successful PLM Implementation - A CIO's Cheat Sheet

Kishore Garakipati May 7, 2015

CIO Cheat sheet: In order to achieve the best results from PLM, CIO's are addressing it as an enterprise level deployment and aligning their engineering, manufacturing, procurement, quality control, warranty management and IT strategies with four main building blocks for success. Read More

The Benefits of Modularization

Raghuraman Ramamurthy December 9, 2014

Learn the benefits of modularization and sub-system design to help you improve time-to-market and revenue growth for your products. Read More

Barry-Wehmiller International Shares People-Centric Leadership at St. Louis Executive Event

Beth Kessler August 5, 2014

International’s (B-WI) launch of its first executive event, Operational Excellence Through People-Centric Leadership, on Wednesday July 23rd. The event gathered an impressive group of executives to the Bogey Club in Clayton, Mo., to hear how Barry-Wehmiller’s people-centric culture has enhanced the organization and its divisions’ people, business performance, and manufacturing success. Read More