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Pat McGrath May 20, 2015

transformation_pictureManufacturing companies are facig many complexities that can be transformative in nature. This is occurring at an ever increasing pace: reshoring, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, smart connected products, new technologies or leadership changes, to name a few.

Leveraging these opportunities require an organization that can re-envision its underlying business processes, partners, consumers, systems and, perhaps, the current business model – in order, to transform the business.

Each transformation is specific in its challenges and the organization's specific transformation needs ranging  from: operations to business intelligence, business silos to the optimization of technology, the global supply chain and sourcing strategy, operations to accounting – all considerations in transformation management.

Transformation Management

Transformation management and the “6 Keys to Successful Business Transformation” provide an outline for sustainable advantage using an innovative approach, one that's both manageable and measurable. It all starts with an objective assessment of internal dynamics – your culture, your current processes and the skills of your people. This will help determine the kind of change that is feasible and how it may be implemented.

A wave of transformation is coming. This is happening and it will continue to happen.

As we see shifts in manufacturing, as we see technology developments, as we see markets evolving, as we see skills shortages and constant price pressure, companies are going to have be agile, on an ongoing basis, evaluating these decisive shifts - preparing and making changes that drive value.



Transformation Considerations

As you consider “what and how to transform” - keep an eye on the transformation enablers and business opportunities. The 6 Keys to Successful Business Transformation are:

  • Value Based & Driven – business value based and metrics driven transformation - for more on this topic, please see the following link:

  • Leadership & Empowerment– Check out Barry Wehmiller’s “Truly Human Leadership” Series 1 - 

  • Everybody Matters podcast (available on iTunes) - an excellent example of how given empowerment and recognition great results can be realized.

  • transformation_headBusiness Model Design –business models must evolve with market changes and be open to “new” opportunities afforded by these changes

  • Organization & Culture- collaboration providing meaning based on participation vs directives that are tops down, change management oriented culture, value chain that leverages technology, processes alignment and information

  • Process Excellence – align to value -  business functions, partner models, lean principles and quality focused on green initiatives are some of the areas of excellence to be realized

  • Information and Technologyenable the 

    business with data analytics, integration of systems and advances in information technology.  Realize a vision for Smart 

  • Manufacturing and Products based on interconnection and intelligence The “Smart Factory” supported by technology, data, connectivity and visualization transforming manufacturing in the IoT enabled Industrial Revolution. To read more about Smart Manufacturing.. see the link that follows


Don’t just survive - thrive, in an environment driven by the ever accelerating pace of change. Don’t just support the business, advance it. Do this all while reducing costs and improving products, services and support. Look to the future, a future that will be realized through the “6 Keys to Successful Business Transformation” outlined here.

transform_quoteIf you are ready to start your transformational journey, please join us Thursday, June 11th in Hartford, CT for our Symposium for Manufacturing Excellence. Click on the link to see the agenda or to register…

B-WI Enterprise Consulting Solutions

If you’d like help with your transformation initiatives, we should talk. We have an organization built and deployed to support your needs. Whether strategic or tactical we work with our clients to define, design and


 deploy the “best” solutions.

Now, more than ever, the keys to success are based on: people, process and technology. That is and always has been what we provide - the best solution to meet your goals.

If you would like to talk about your current business transformation initiatives, please reach out to me or our team of consultants here at Barry-Wehmiller International. Contact me at . Wishing you success in all of your endeavors! ;-)


About B-WI: At Barry-Wehmiller International (B-WI) we are proud of our remarkable journey, a journey we began 20 years ago to become who we are today – a trusted, global, people-centric, ‘Total Solutions’ provider with a rich heritage in manufacturing. We take particular pride in our people-centric culture and values. 

We have built a strong foundation, we are here to lend a hand and be a guide to our customers with our specialized consulting, technology, engineering and manufacturing talent. We were there then, we are here now and we will be there with you into the future. Welcome to Barry-Wehmiller International.


me3About the Author: Patricia McGrath is pleased to represent Barry-Wehmiller International, as Director of Strategic Initiatives. B-WI provides consulting and services for manufacturing, engineering, ERP solutions, and specialized development and support services. Pat’s career includes positions with such prestigious companies as IBM and KPMG. While there she focused on strategy, ERP business partners and business consulting, plus having her own company working with others to develop both strategic initiatives and tactical plans.


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