Why Customers need to opt for Windchill SLA Services

Kishore Garakipati September 22, 2016

Common Customer Challenges

For a customer to gain maximum benefits and achieve tier process KPIs from Windchill PLM, it’s imperative to have a hassle-free experience with PLM & enhanced performance capability. Realistically speaking, there are fixed overheads that are common across the IT ecosystems that continuously challenge companies from reaching their goals.

Windchill deployments are a complex system with multiple components and data repositories. Proper maintenance and monitoring of Windchill is an ongoing process consisting of a number of tasks and checks that should be performed at regularly scheduled intervals.

Neglect of essential maintenance tasks, lack of regular system monitoring, and failure to properly configure alert notification settings can lead to unexpected system outages, data loss, and lost productivity.

Some of the highly critical challenges that often impede the work of customers with PLM systems are:

  • Regular Backups pertaining to the Windchill system
  • Monitoring Backups & Recovery
  • Security patch Installation & Update
  • Monitoring Patch relevance and updating
  • IT hardware & OS parameter monitoring
  • Windchill MS clogging & crashing
  • Database Issues
  • Performance Issues arising often due to Bad or No Queue management and heavy traffic in Queues
  • Notification & alters management

The Right Tools for Your Challenges




Windchill Server Status 



PTC System Monitor





SLA Services is THE Solution

With the business impacting demands and challenges that customers face on a daily basis, we propose a free 20-hour assessment of your company’s Windchill System and find out the gaps/ bottlenecks in the system that impacts the system stability and performance. We help customers with solutions & recommendations to plug the gaps that go a long way in enhancing the PLM experiences in your company.


SLA Solutions & Offerings


MAT SLA Services

Consulting SLA Services

Offers Maintenance Support

Offers Ad hoc / On-Demand Support

Offered in terms of Package Program- Silver, Gold , Platinum

Offered in Block of Hours – 20, 50, 100, 200

Takes Care of Holistic system maintenance, Application and IT infrastructure monitoring

Ensures all requests for tweaking the system based on imminent business requirements are met.

Exclusions are based on the package offerings

Excludes Upgrade, Migration & Implementation

Reports are generated weekly or monthly depending on the package offered

Reports are generated Monthly with the number of hours utilized & remaining

The Helpdesk is specifically created for such services that allow customers to raise tickets for any issues through a ticketing portal and would be handled by POC B-WI consultant, is a significant aspect of the SLA services.



Windchill  Queue Management 

Windchill Log File Viewer



WinDU (Windchill Diagnostic Utility)


Windchill Client Inspector
Archiving & Purging Utility
Windchill Rehosting Utility

Improved Performance & Productivity

A statistical analysis of how our services have helped Customer achieve optimal performance and productivity in using PTC Windchill.



Customer 1 Platinum Package


12 fatal issues & 8 performance related issues

2015 (Renewed)

3 transactional issues

2016 (Renewed)

Hassle-free working & seamless transactions with enhanced ticketing system to assist system configurations

Customer 2


8 fatal issues & recurring performance issues

2015 (Renewed)

1 fatal issues & 2 client issues

2016 (Renewed)

Customer moved to Platinum Package & enhanced offered Support


Consulting SLA Statistics

Customer 1

50 Hours

14 tickets raised by customer

100 Hours (Renewed)

Catered to earlier tickets & attended to critical business configurations

100 Hours (Renewed)

12 Tickets raised & Rehosting Services utilized

Customer 2

50 Hours

Unused for a long time. Later updated several PTC security patches, 5 tickets

100 Hours (Renewed)

Rehosting Services & 3 tickets raised


100 Hours (Renewed)

Value realized as a record 16 tickets were raised in the last quarter which enabled them to tweak their systems for various business needs.

Activities Covered Under MAT SLA 

  •  Disk Space Maintenance and other IT-Windchill Application related parameter review
  • Configure Notification Settings & Alert Responses
  • Monitor System Health Check using Dashboard & Key Performance Indicators – WinDU & PTC System Monitor
  • Network Health Check
  • Benchmarking System Response Time
  • Review Known Technical Issues & Applying Patch Sets
  • Backing Up Systems – Logs, critical system files, LDAP, DB & Windchill
  • Maintaining Database statistics, indexes and database maintenance
  • Check System Configuration – validating all the configurations of the system
  • Windchill Site Maintenance Utilities – Vault, File Servers, participant , personal Cabinet & CAD Worker
  • Monitoring Disk Space Usage of File Vaults using JMX MBean
  • Purging & archiving obsolete or unused data
  • Updating and synchronizing various Environments – Rehosting and synchronizing data


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